Drive-Up Services

Sunday's 10:30 AM

During our 10:30 Service, we have an outdoor sound system set up on the back porch of the main church building. The speakers are very loud and easy to hear. You call feel free to pull up on either side of our property and drive around to the back of the main building, then across the grass to the back patio where you can see the speakers. You can also bring lawn chairs and sit out under the trees out there, as it's hard to park under the trees.

We must continue to adhere to the County required rules, or we will be shut down. Please show grace and have patience, as this is another new step for us. You must maintain the 6ft distancing rule. Windows can be rolled down, but there must be 6 ft. between you and the car next to you. Please remember to uplift our staff, pastors and volunteers during this time. Enjoy your Sunday and we look forward to seeing many of your smiling faces.