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Welcome to Technology Support

Welcome to the Technology Support Ministry page!

While most of what we do is probably not of much interest to a lot of you, some of the services we provide may be of interest. Before we get into those, let's talk about the services we provide. We are the invisible people (we hope) who are behind-the-scenes making sure that the Pastor's mike is working, the camera is on, the sound and video are being recorded, the right content is on the right monitors, that all recordings are being edited, stored and distributed, the our website and Facebook page are up-to-date and numerous other details that are most likely of little interest to you!

Here is a sample of services we provide our membership and other interested folks:

  • audio recordings of our church services as well as special events;

  • a video recording of our weekly church services available through the website;

  • available ministries (such as this one) for your assistance or an opportunity to serve;

  • a calendar of events occurring at church or involving the church membership or community;

  • prayer requests; and,

  • basic IT support to folks are having trouble accessing us electronically.

Some additional information Is provided on the following pages:

If you're interested in supporting our team, have questions about provided services, or suggestions is how we might better serve, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Thanks and God bless!

Chris Ebert, Technology Support Ministry Leader


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