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A Simple Evaluation of Your Mind

Posted on Fri, Dec 21, 2007

Thinking about a New Year's resolution? Try this one...

With the New Year around the corner, we often make resolutions 
about making changes in our lives. These usually have to do with our physical 
bodies: exercise, diet or losing bad habits. But what about that which lies
on the inside? Where would you start? Have you ever evaluated the condition
of your mind?

We invite Christ into our hearts, and through the power of the Holy Spirit 
we are to become like Him in our hearts and minds. The question we 
should ask ourselves is, "How am I like Christ in mind?"

Below is an inventory of two opposing sets of mental states. This evaluation
is for your information only. Do it in complete privacy, with no one but you
and God. Its sole purpose is to help you know your mind and what areas
you need to turn to God in prayer for the change. For those brave souls, 
let a friend, spouse  or co-worker evaluate you. It will give you an idea
of what perception people have of your witness.

As you prayerfully study each item, place a mental mark on the line in 
the center where you think you would be. You can also use a sliding scale
of 1 - 10 (10 being perfect as that of Christ). You may find that you are 
more to the left than you would think, sometimes right in the middle or 
farther along to the right than you would have believed.

Evaluation of your Mental State

Jealous or envy ______________ Rejoice in other's success

Wanting to get even ______________ Praying for enemies
Bitterness towards God ______________ Acceptance of God's will

Bitterness towards others ______________ Generosity for others

Sexual Lusts ______________ Thoughts of Holiness

Lust for power or position ______________  Humility towards others

Hatred of someone _______________ Love of enemy

Anger _______________ Being peaceable

Resentment _______________ Forgiving

Pride in your life's station _______________ Humility before God

Pride in your ability/looks _______________ Not self-centered

Looking Down/Judging others  ____________ Reverance in God's work in others

Self love _______________ Selfless love of others

Self seeking _______________ Seeking the kingdom

Slandering others _______________ Encouraging others

Reliance on self _______________ Reliance on God

Boasting _______________ Pointing to others acheivements

Unthankful to God _______________ Always thankful to God

Lazy _______________ Hard working

Undisciplined _______________ Disciplined 
Headstrong _______________ Willing to yielding to others

Addicted to TV/Computer/iPod_____________ Devoted to Prayer

Hunger for material things ______________ Hunger for God

Combative, contenious _______________  Yielding to personal rights

Compromising Beliefs ______________  Faithful 

Ambitious for self/family _______________ Ambitous for others

Tendency to lie/twist truth _______________ Telling the truth even if painful
Attention focused on the world ______________ Attention focused on God & Eternity

So do you like the current condition of your mind? Would God like the state of your mind? 

Prayerfully seek the changes you know God is calling to your attention. Don't put this evaluation away but, compare yourself regularly to see how you are doing.

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