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Parable of a Bareback Bronc

Posted on Sun, Nov 25, 2007

Told during a sermon by Dennis Baskin, also commonly referred to as "Barnyard Theology"

This world is that of rodeo arena, and you are meant to ride in the Bareback Bronc competiton. You don't get to choose your mount, but you do get to choose to hold on to it or not. Your mount's name is Life and you are placed onto the back of Life in the safety of a chute, but that gate opens and out the chute, riding hard Life goes. Now
on this horse, it comes with a rigging, strapped hard onto
Life and its not coming loose. That rigging is known as Jesus.
Now of coures Life bucks, kicks, jumps, and runs hard. 
Now without rigging, there's no surviving the ride Life is
gonna give, it'll be nothing but a mess.As a Chistian, you
know that the rigging in front of you is meant to be grabbed
and held onto, but some of you don't. Maybe during a buck,
you hit your head or, you forgot during a pause that horse
took and it looked like easy riding. Whatever the cause, Life
will start up again into a buck. Being prepared, strapping
(prayer) your hand onto the rigging
(Jesus) will see you
through what ever Life tosses. Then the whistle blows
( this ain't no 8 second ride), and here God comes upto
you on that bronc, reaches and takes you off of Life to
bring you to safety

#1 One needs to prepare - Know what the "rigging" is - Col 1:16-17

#2 One needs to have a plan - Hold on to the "rigging" - Phil 3:12 

#3 One needs to pursue - Fight the fight of faith - 1 Tim 6:12, Heb 10:23-24 (spurs), James 1:12

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