Support Group Vision, Mission & Values


The mission of the Support Group Ministry is to, without judgment, serve as a conduit for the Lord’s mercy and healing from the evils of the world that manifest themselves in ways that cause great physical emotional and spiritual pain and anguish. Regardless of the source of these hurts, hangups and habits, provide the only true path to recovery through regeneration from the application of the Lords love and truth.



The vision of the Support Group Ministry is to provide programmatic, yet individualized attention to those who seek change and are willing to apply themselves to the word of the Lord. These programs will emulate the essence of Glory Bound Fellowship’s culture unconditional familial love for those who wish to explore or actively pursue a new relationship with the Lord that provides them with the ability to recover from self-destructive behavior and critical life events.



*In service to the Lord with humility gratitude and love above all else:

*in service to those seeking a relationship with the Lord with respect and love

*in service to the pastors and others providing church services with respect and love;

*in service to ministry teammates with sensitivity, team ownership, respect and love.